In providing business solutions to its members, Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) recognizes the need and desire that independent eye care professionals (IECPs) have in making their own choices for the products and services that they want to provide to their patients and customers. HEA’s expanded contact lens programs respect and encourage that independent decision-making, and the company has created a package of resources and references that will help HEA members optimize their contact lens practices and profitability — through efficiencies and savings with a full range of products from all of the major contact lens companies and distributors. These resources will allow HEA members to identify the lowest prices and best rebates on those contact lenses that the IECP chooses to prescribe, from major manufacturers and specialty lens companies, while also streamlining the purchasing process with HEA’s consolidated billing service. Here are the key components of the program.

  • The Brands You Want: HEA’s contact lens marketplace offers the largest choice of manufacturer-direct and distributor programs in the nation. Unlike other groups, HEA does not limit the dispensing options to one or two vendors in order to gain access to the best pricing and rebates.
  • Negotiated Contact Lens Programs: Programs on the contact lens landscape are changing constantly. For busy IECPs, sourcing contact lenses and other optical purchases is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. HEA navigates these trends and negotiates on its members’ behalf, enabling IECPs and their teams to make the most of in-office time.
  • Increased Margins: Because contact lens wearers generate higher annual revenue and profits than eyeglasses-only patients, buying the right product mix at the right price point is crucial to retaining those patients — as well as to increasing profit margin. HEA offers access to pricing and rebate programs that position IECPs to achieve both goals.
  • Consolidated Billing: Businesses can stay on top of their contact lens spending by managing all of their contact lens purchases in one place thanks to HEA’s consolidated billing feature. Whether it’s a single location or a multiple-location business, this service provides a quick, no-surprises look at the contact lens cost of goods every month — and saves time with faster and more accurate reconciliation and payment.

Combined, these benefits save IECPs time and money so that they can focus on the patient in the exam room and building the business.