By Zvi Pardes



On any search for a local independent eye care professional (IECP), the number of reviews and the average ranking for the top three local search results on the map are prominently displayed. Before a prospective new patient can be impressed by your professionalism, optical or website, it’s Google reviews that set you apart from the competition. Be proactive and consistently ask patients and customers to review you.



People retain 95 percent of what they see on video compared to only 10 percent of what they read. Engagement level for a web page with video is also many times higher compared to one without. Plus, Google via YouTube values video as quality website content.

Posting an engaging video on YouTube and social media is a powerful way to be found and direct people to your website.

Here are some great topics for making practice videos:

  • Your approach to eye care and eyewear
  • Medical treatments or services you provide
  • Great optical tips or fashion guides

How to do it? Easy. Get an inexpensive tripod and a decent cell phone and talk about a focused topic for one or two minutes.



Google uses the content on your website — including location terms — to assess how relevant it is to someone’s search. Google wants authoritative content rather than lists of services. If you don’t have engaging content on, say, ‘eye emergencies,’ you simply are not likely to rank well on searches for an IECP who treats emergencies. The same goes for diabetic eye care, designer frame lines, vision therapy… you name it. Any topic that is important to your practice or business needs quality content both to earn a top Google ranking and to engage potential new patients. Location targeting for general eye exams should be hyper-local. However, you can expand your targeting for more specialized services. By targeting a wider geographic area for these services, you can expand your reach significantly. The point here is to always be strategic with your content.


Zvi Pardes is the Head of Content Marketing at