By Trudi Charest


What’s the hardest part of keeping up with social media for your eye care business? It’s coming up with the content ideas for posts and stories. If you post three to six times a week, using two or three social media channels, that’s somewhere between 312 and 936 posts per year. Here’s how to plan for it.

  1. Buy or print a wall calendar.

Use a planning calendar to capture ideas for every month, week by week.

  1. Schedule some time to get creative.

It helps if you can book it away from the day-to-day operations so you can concentrate and get creative.

  1. Put pen to paper.

Research and check out other practice profiles, optical store feeds and posts. Here are some categories to get you started.

Holidays: Note all the major holidays — government holidays as well as special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day.

Eye Disease Awareness: Time posts on ocular health and eye safety to awareness months or sprinkle in throughout the year.

Technology: New products and diagnostic technology in your office can interest patients.

Events: Trunk shows and other promotions should be noted.

Seasonal: Think about messages for spring, summer, winter and fall.

Photos: Snap photos of kids and adults getting new eyeglasses; introduce new employees or products; and show off new signage, equipment and technology.

How-To Postings: Provide quick bursts of education on caring for eyeglasses, sunwear, contact lenses and more.

Branded Posts: Share vendors’ social media postings of photos and information.

Inspirational quotes, office training, travel and announcements are also interesting.

Every eye care business should use Instagram and Facebook, but know that Facebook has become a pay-to-play model; budget $10 to $50 per week to make sure your posts are reaching your audience.


Trudi Charest is the co-founder of Marketing4ECPs. She can be reached by email at [email protected].