By Lorie Lippiatt, OD, Executive Vice President, Professional Strategies

To learn more about how the Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) partnership with Insperity works, I went through the process recently. I was contacted by an onboarding specialist who serves as our main point of contact. The initial call was to educate myself and my office manager on the services that Insperity could provide our practice. We learned about the many services, support and resources that the company has to offer. My office manager was very impressed with the support team and services that Insperity brings.

We’ve never offered health benefits to our employees in the past but wanted to look into the possibilities. We were pleased to find that Insperity gives us access to medical coverage through the United Healthcare Choice network, with many options for plan deductibles. In addition, it also provides access to dental and vision plan options. We were asked to complete some initial pieces of information, primarily a “census” consisting of the number of part- and full-time employees, wage rates, dependents and ages. The representative also asked questions relating to how Insperity could best help our practice in other areas.

What we found was that Insperity could offer our practice access to a Fortune 500 benefits package without costing a fortune. As an employer, I found that the minimum contribution for health benefits per employee was 50 percent of the base plan per month. In addition, because we are an HEA member, our monthly administrative costs were deeply discounted from standard rates due to the negotiated pricing and strength in numbers. Overall, those are a lot of benefits gained.

Even if you choose to offer access to only some of these benefits, it’s worthwhile to see what Insperity can do for your practice. Visit to learn more.