Juggling too many HR tasks? Read how a PEO helped one HEA member.

Two years ago, Mark Sabre, OD, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, found himself between a rock and a hard place. The health insurance company his practice had been working with announced that it was eliminating its individual care plans. With his small practice that didn’t qualify as a group, that meant he had to go in search of a new carrier because all of his employees’ plans — including his and his wife’s — were being discontinued.

“We were in jeopardy of losing our coverage, and I was trying to determine how I could reasonably provide health care coverage for my team,” he says. That process involved hours on various websites, plugging in numbers and not knowing whether he was accurately assessing the needs of his staff. “I started reaching out to colleagues — other ODs as well as friends with small businesses,” he says.

He called his brothers, who were both successful business owners. “I learned they had been using a professional employer organization (PEO) for the previous 10 years to handle human resources (HR) matters and for access to benefits for their employees,” he says. He quizzed his brothers thoroughly and found that they used Insperity. So Dr. Sabre called.

A More Organized Approach

In talking with Insperity, he found that the company offered all of the individual services he might need under one umbrella: payroll and HR issues; government compliance assistance; workers’ compensation coverage and claim resolution; HR professionals experienced in training and development, writing manuals and handbooks, and investigations or mediation; and, most urgently for him, access to comprehensive and affordable benefits.

Insperity helped him gain access to affordable coverage for everyone in his practice — including himself — who wanted to elect health care coverage. The total price tag for covering the entire office was about the same amount as it would have cost him just to cover himself and his wife, he says. He also learned about additional services that Insperity could offer his practice. “The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to try to bring everything together under this PEO umbrella. It would simplify my life,” he says.

“With Insperity, I was part of a group that was capable of achieving more attractive terms. My employees are the beneficiaries of these programs that have been unique to larger companies and are almost unheard of in a seven-person office.”

Weight Off The Shoulders

The PEO has helped him in ways that he didn’t anticipate as well. “I had been working on updating the employee handbook, and I was drawing from two or three sources and trying to cobble something together. Insperity had me send what I had, and its team helped me put together a robust employee manual that makes sure I don’t miss any of the federal rules or state regulations that should be a part of it,” he says. It’s also good to know that he can have representatives available at a moment’s notice should there be hiring or firing issues. “If you have to call an employment law attorney to find out what steps have to be taken in an employee situation, that can be very costly. These issues are in the wheelhouse of a PEO,” he says.

“It’s worth a phone call,” he says. “Spend an hour meeting with a rep and look over the proposal the team puts together.” Since HEA has announced its relationship with Insperity, that would be his first recommendation. “If I had known that these PEO services existed for a practice of my size, I would have been on board many years ago,” he says.

This item is excerpted from the cover story in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition of HEA Solutions. You can read the whole story here.